Q: Why should I send my child to FIRE Football Camp?
A: Most camps offered in the Denver area are non-contact camps.  We believe that football requires controlled contact practices and simulations to show marked improvement in football skills.  FIRE Camp is designed not only to prime each athlete’s football preparation but actually teach and apply proper football fundamentals before season practices begin.

Q: What is the biggest advantage of FIRE Football Camp over the other camps in the area?
A: This camp is designed to effectively teach youth football players.  It is a camp designed to instill fundamentals and execute drills at the youth level.  These fundamentals and drills apply at every level but good habits begin when the athlete is young.

Q: What equipment will my child need?
A: Your child will need a full set of pads. If this is your child's first year of football, or if you have questions about sizing and/or purchasing equipment, please don’t hesitate to call or email Drew or Lucas.  They are happy to set up a time to discuss by phone or meet with you to ensure your child is properly protected.

Q: Do you offer sibling discounts?  What about team discounts? 
A: Yes! Please contact Lucas Thorp at (303) 669-7549 for details.

Q: My child is new to football.  Is that okay?
A: Absolutely.  All FIRE camps and clinics are structured around fundamentals.  These basic skills that will keep your child safe and confident will also yield success on the field.  In addition, the camp progresses from instruction, to simulation, to scrimmage.  It is not designed to be a “sink-or-swim” situation.

Q: My child has played football for a few years.  Why so much focus on fundamentals?
A: Fundamentals are practiced at every level: youth, high school, college, and professional.  Sharpening these skills and  picking up a few new techniques is the key to growth as a football player.  Regardless of ability or experience, FIRE Football Camp guarantees improvement.

Q: Where can I find information on concussion awareness and treatment as it pertains to FIRE Football Camp?
A: Any concussion or suspected concussion will be treated by the NFHS and CDC Guidelines as set forth in their training and literature.  You can download documentation on concussion awareness and the Zurich standard Return to Play Protocol at the sidebar.

Q: What is the weather cancellation policy?
A: Stormy weather, which is common in the summer months in Colorado, is part of the camp.  We will delay the beginning of camp and/or delay actual camp activities until safe weather permits.  We will do everything in our power to avoid cancellation, but if the weather doesn't cooperate, we may be forced to cancel a day of camp without refund.

Q: FIRE Football seems to talk a lot about character and leadership.  Why?
A: Football presents each player with a unique opportunity to develop these traits.  On each snap, every player on the field will have to deal with adversity.  Coaching a young person to face both mental and physical challenges while displaying leadership to his fellow teammates is coaching the heart and not just the player.  This is the fundamental principle behind FIRE Football.

​Q: How will my child be matched in contact drills?
A: Each child will be matched according to the following criteria: (1) age (2) size (3) ability.  The goal of FIRE Football Camp is to teach football fundamentals to every player in the most effective way possible. As such, each child will be put in the best position to apply these skills in a fair and safe manner.

Q: Will I be able to watch my child participate during camp?
A: Of course!  We highly encourage parents to stay and watch.  This allows you to both (1) watch the methods we teach so you can have active discussions with your child and (2) provide us with feedback on the camp and your child’s experience.