The goal of each FIRE Football camp is to introduce a progression of skills, drills, and simulations that will allow each athlete to grow over the course of the camp.

Each camp will begin the week with fundamental skills (i.e. stance, footwork, tackling, blocking) and progress to position-specific skills.  Because of our low coach-to-player ratio, we can cater our groups from novice instruction to advanced techniques based on how each player needs to grow.
2020 FIRE Football Camp - AGES 8-14
July 15th - 17th

Three days of detailed position work prior to the season.  These camps are designed to provide extensive details and drills for every position.  Novice players will be instructed in football fundamentals and experienced players will be developed at their respective positions IN DEPTH with proper techniques and position-based concepts.
JULY 15 (full pads)
- Stance & start
- Tackling fundamentals
- Position-specific tackling
- DL/LB/DB drills
- Defensive groups

JULY 16 (full pads)
- Tackling fundamentals
- Angles & pursuit
- DL/LB/DB drills
- Defensive groups
-Offensive position group breakout

JULY 17 (full pads)
- Offensive position groups
- Inside run & route circuit
- Game simulations & 
7 on 7 drills